Out of the Deep Blue - Programme

Easy Read Guide

Violet wished she had a friend. Then, great sea giant, Eko, appears! Violet sets off on a rollercoaster ride with Eko to the bottom of the sea. She meets fish that glow in the dark, squids serving an underwater feast, and a wise seal. Violet discovers that the sea is being destroyed. But what can she do? She is only little. With her Granny and a new gang of friends, can Violet help save the ocean?

Our Partnership

Based in Leicester, Sea-Changers, harness people’s love for the sea, inspiring them to contribute positively to its sustainability, enable businesses that care about the marine environment to make a difference and fund grassroots marine conservation projects through business partnerships.

During the 2022 performance tour of Out of the Deep Blue, Autin Dance Theatre will fundraise for Sea-Changers, to continue the excellence work they are doing. The book (Violet and the Sea Giant) and the performance (Out of the Deep Blue) by Autin Dance Theatre are to inspire change, awareness of self and highlight how we can all make a difference, and Sea-Changers are able to help make that a reality.